Untitled (Chinese Man with Flame)

Physical & Digital by LA label Deathbomb Arc.
“If you’re looking for a steady, linear album, avert your ears, as Untitled is brimming over with riotous surprises coupled with moments of tranquility that always arrive in perfect contrast. Take the first vocal track “N1FWM”, a heady mix of explosive samples, distortion and intensity, which then give way to the beautiful soulful “Sachima Light Streaks” before the church bell-like melody and screeched horns of “Slipping away” hit your ears. It’s an incredible ride throughout.” - The Wire (print)


Physical & Digital by London label Chinabot.
“An avant garde jack-of-all-trades, OHYUNG's latest effort sees him push the boundaries of his project to practically every corner of the musical spectrum in an album that encompasses an almost dizzying amount of genres. Tackling themes of beauty, gender, body image and diasporic longing, OHYUNG's exploration of themes on PROTECTOR is just as varied as his sound palette. Taking inspiration from sources like Taiwanese movies, gamelan music and even anime theme songs, PROTECTOR feels like a mutant scrapbook that wears its influences on its sleeve while rejecting nostalgic impulses at the same time.” - PAPER

Music Videos

CARE FOR YOU (2018, dir. OHYUNG)

premiere & interview in PAPER magazine

PARK SLOPE (2017, dir. Aditi Natasha Kini & Hanna Edizel)

featured in Tiny Mix Tapes & Brokelyn

ALL UNIQLO (2015, dir. OHYUNG)

"This is the single most satisfying video I've ever watched in my entire life." - Kristoff on YouTube