Miscellaneous Compositions
Their Voices (Cycle)
I <3 U Always 4Ever
Untitled (Rivers)

Their Voices (2018, 7 minutes)

Composition for dance piece in collaboration with choreographer Jesse Obremski

I <3 U Always 4Ever (2016, 20 minutes)

"Is there someone in your life who you always thought you'd talk to, but now you don't? What do you think they are doing right now?"

I <3 You Always Forever is a 20-minute performance art piece commissioned by Wendy's Subway / BAM Next Wave Festival in collaboration with poet and drag performer Wo Chan. It featured drag performance, a drum machine, and a recorded interviews assembled over a composed soundscape. The questions listed at the beginning of were the same questions we asked when we interviewed our closest friends and community members over the phone. Many of the people in our community are people of color, immigrants, and queer, and this piece was a chance for them to tell their stories and have their experiences amplified. Combining these vulnerable interviews into a sonic tapestry showed many different angles and forms that heartbreak can manifest, and how when we are vulnerable with ourselves and acknowledge the traumas beyond our own experiences, we can reflect and heal. The soundscape was created using pieces of these interviews and a distorted 8-second layered loop from Mahler's Symphony #5, Movement IV, with additional original score. Below is a sample of the score; the interviews have been redacted.

Untitled (Rivers) (2015, 10 minutes)

Digital synthesizers emulating the natural sound of guqin for Queens Museum video installation by artist Casey Tang