Untitled (Chinese Man with Flame)
Deathbomb Arc

OHYUNG's first album. The title of this album comes from a photo I found in the Oakland Museum of California. It's a black and white photo taken by a white woman in the early 20th century. The photo captures a young Chinese man in early San Francisco Chinatown working on something by candlelight. There are no details of his life.

All people of color in America have flames. Protect your flame.

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“If you’re looking for a steady, linear album, avert your ears, as Untitled is brimming over with riotous surprises coupled with moments of tranquility that always arrive in perfect contrast. Take the first vocal track “N1FWM”, a heady mix of explosive samples, distortion and intensity, which then give way to the beautiful soulful “Sachima Light Streaks” before the church bell-like melody and screeched horns of “Slipping away” hit your ears. It’s an incredible ride throughout.” - The Wire (print)

Music Videos

Care for You // music video

Featured on PAPER

“OHYUNG explores communication of love, especially queer love, through cooking. Frustrated by a lack of representation of diverse Asian American narratives across media, OHYUNG sought to add to the conversation with his queer Asian American music video, "Care For You."

With the aid of drag performer, Wo Chan, and actor/filmmaker, Hye Yun, OHYUNG explores a blossoming romance as it unfurls in the confines of a diner bathed in purple light. Inspired by the classic foreign film In the Mood for Love, "Care For You" follows the two protagonists as they share a series of intimate moments while putting together a meal. Laden with symbolic imagery, moments like pulling a string of pearls out of a raw chicken are multi-layered being hilarious, beautiful, absurd, and endearing all at the same time. "Care For You" washes over the viewer like gentle waves lapping at you feet during low tide, perpetually shifting but constantly present. What OHYUNG manages to capture the tenderness that lies at the heart of queer love, unique and incredibly special.” - Matt Moen, PAPER

Director & Editor: OHYUNG
Starring & Co-creators: Hye Yun Park & Wo Chan
Cinematography: Jason Chew
Lighting: Tingerine Liu
Costume Designer: Sueann Leung
Makeup Designer: Wo Chan
Assistant Camera: Grace Naw
Production Assistant: Thinh Vu
Colorist: Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli
Title Designer: Kris Louie

Music cowritten with Lu Yang
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by OHYUNG

ALL UNIQLO // music video

This is the single most satisfying video I've ever watched in my entire life. - Kristoff on YouTube

Director: OHYUNG

PARK SLOPE // music video

Featured in Brokleyn

“Park Slope” the video interacts with the absurdist, multicultural music of rapper OHYUNG to tell the somewhat disturbing tale of the most Park Slopeian thing, after black, yellow, brown babysitters: The Cleanse. Why the obsession with being so clean, asks the video, almost cutely. What indelible dirt has lead you down this path? Might it be the cancer of privilege? Does your white guilt subliminally prevent you from enjoying your egregiously lavish lifestyle to the fullest? Where does the cleansing end?

Directed by Aditi Natasha Kini & Hanna Edizel
Cinematographer: Neo Sora