Oh my god! Experimental rap artist OHYUNG follows their first project Untitled (Chinese Man with Flame) with his new album PROTECTOR, an 11-song cross-genre collision course through distorted 808s, pitch-shifted rapping, frenetic pop energy and ambient loops.

Touching on themes of beauty, gender, body image, and diaspora, OHYUNG has produced an album that is at once riotous, gentle, anti-nostalgic, and fully charged.

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1. jade cabbage
2. nba finals
3. spiral spiral
4. no one else (ft. charlie sheena)
5. wrapped in floral sheets
6. fucking pretty
7. fraud
8. shenme gui (ft. space meow doll, qing liberty)
9. i hate myself
10. ga ga ee (ft. hye yun park)
11. now i close my eyes the world i see is so beautiful

“On OHYUNG’s sophomore album PROTECTOR, these two polar opposite energies collide and expand, creating a demented DJ set that is wildly ear-catching while underlined with breathtaking moments of unrestrained beauty…Shining with extravagant complexity, OHYUNG’s sophomore album demands your attention, inviting you to challenge its snarling, reactive sounds.” - From The Intercom

An avant garde jack-of-all-trades, OHYUNG's latest effort sees him push the boundaries of his project to practically every corner of the musical spectrum in an album that encompasses an almost dizzying amount of genres… Taking inspiration from sources like Taiwanese movies, gamelan music and even anime theme songs, PROTECTOR feels like a mutant scrapbook that wears its influences on its sleeve while rejecting nostalgic impulses at the same time. - PAPER

Music Videos

now i close my eyes the world i see is so beautiful // music video

Featured on Boiler Room TV

“now i close my eyes the world i see is so beautiful”, the final song from experimental rapper OHYUNG’s newest album PROTECTOR, is an unexpected, cascading lullaby. Combining a synthetic guitar riff and the looping melody of a children’s choir, the song samples a monologue from Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang’s modern classic Yi Yi, in which a young girl speaks to the ghost of her grandmother. “now i close my eyes the world i see is so beautiful” evokes the passage from one world into another, a reconnection to a loved one lost.

Taken from the album 'Protector' [CHI019]

Video by: April Lin 林森 (@babe__lin)
Animation: Mina Owen (@mina__owen)
Set direction & camera assistant: Chantel Foo 符匀瑄 (@chanfyx)

i hate myself // music video

Featured on AVYSS Magazine

“i hate myself” is a mix of chopped and screwed self-loathing incantations, italian opera samples layered with dark synths, swirling harps, and distorted 808s. It’s a difficult genre to pinpoint— PAPER describes it as “codeine-soaked trip-hop” and the track was featured on Spotify’s “HYPERPOP” playlist.

Self-directed by OHYUNG, the music video takes place on a beach at night where OHYUNG is illuminated by one light, existing in a void. Choreographed in collaboration with Vessels, the dance combines masculine and feminine movements, physically articulating self-loathing and the search for a release.

Director: OHYUNG
Movement Collaborators: Vessels (Kris Seto + Shoey Sun)
Camera Operator: Andrew Ouyang Rusli
Lighting: David Ouyang Moench
Production Assistant: Yasmin Adele Majeed
Colorist: Jessica Dunn Rovinelli
Special Thanks to Jason Chew, Ting Liu, Wo Chan, Hye Yun Park

spiral spiral // music video

Camera Operator: Matt Evans
Production Assistant: Yasmin Adele Majeed
Colorist: Jessica Dunn Rovinelli