OHYUNG is Robert Ouyang Rusli's solo experimental project ranging from ecstatic pop to brutalist noise. They have released three albums, Untitled (Chinese Man with Flame), PROTECTOR, and GODLESS.

“Shining with extravagant complexity, OHYUNG’s sophomore album demands your attention, inviting you to challenge its snarling, reactive sounds.“ - FROM THE INTERCOM

An avant garde jack-of-all-trades, OHYUNG's latest effort sees them push the boundaries of their project to practically every corner of the musical spectrum in an album that encompasses an almost dizzying amount of genres… Taking inspiration from sources like Taiwanese movies, gamelan music and even anime theme songs, PROTECTOR feels like a mutant scrapbook that wears its influences on its sleeve while rejecting nostalgic impulses at the same time. - PAPER

Ohyung’s creativity and twisted sense of humor is boundless... a visceral sense of anger and revolt is apparent through each tracks’ crunchy synths, swirling electronics, and relentless drumming“ - them.