In Full Bloom
VSCO Voices

Narrative Short, 10 Minutes
VSCO Voices & Sentient.Art.Film's 2021 Omnibus
Original Score by Robert Ouyang Rusli

The surreal manifestation of a black hole within a woman’s home impels an agoraphobic widow to make a difficult choice. 

After her husband’s death, Gloria becomes an agoraphobic hoarder, paradoxically practicing what she loves — gardening — indoors without the help of direct sunlight. She orders worms to grow a rare flower. Though they help the flower grow, the development comes at a price when the worms create a black hole that absorbs everything she cherishes. With her home unrecognizably empty, she has no choice but to leave for the first time since her husband died and re-assimilate into society on her own terms.

2019 Atlanta Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Fantastic Fest Official Selection
2019 Nitehawk Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Beyond Fest Official Selection
2019 Sidewalk Film Festival Official Selection
2019 New Orleans Film Festival Official Selection
Runner up AT&T 2019 Film Awards Futuristic Category
2019 LAAPFF Official Selection
2019 CAAMFest Official Selection
2019 Twister Alley Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Breakthroughs Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Oak Cliff Film Festival Official Selection
Best Fiction Film 2019 Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival
2019 42nd Asian American International Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Traverse City Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Hollyshorts Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Mill Valley Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Official Selection
2019 DC Shorts Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival Official Selection
Maya Deren Short Film Innovation Prize Winner at 2019 Femme Filmmakers Festival
2019 Indie Memphis Official Selection
2019 Toronto Reel Asian Official Selection
2019 East Lansing Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Tide Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Phenomena Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Weird Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
2019 San Diego Asian American Film Festival Official Selection
Best Live Action Film at 2019 Backup & Beyond Film Festival
2019 Film Pipeline Short Film Competition Runner-Up
2020 London Short Film Festival Official Selection
2020 Female Filmmakers Berlin - Best Experimental Film
2020 Aesthetica Short Film Festival - Short of the Week Block
2020 Allies in Arts Screening Sponsored by Gia Coppola
2020 Oakland Film Festival - Best Experimental Short

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Director: Maegan Houang (
Producer: John J. Lozada, Vanessa Elliott
Cinematographer: Christopher Ripley (
Production Designer: Emmy Eves
Editor: Gus Spelman
Stop Motion Animator: Jason Whetzell
VFX Supervisor: Matthew Waukhonen
Score: Robert Ouyang Rusli
Sound Design: Grant Meuers
Costume Design: Anne Valiant
Casting by: Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Cecile's Husband: Long Dinh
Co-Producer: David Miller, Adele Pham
Hair & Make-up: Kelly Park
Assistant Director: Ted Keffer
Gaffer: Jake Kaster
1st AC: Megan Johnson, Kyle Frank, Shaw Fisher
2nd AC: Isue Shin
Still Photographers: Michelle Tsaikaros, Taylor Johnson
Art Director: Teagan Morin
Set Decorator: Megan Bartley-Matthews
Set Dresser: Jamie Kim
Prop Master: Cynthia Wu
Pupper Flower: Josh Spooner
Storyboard Artist: Joy Sun
Art Coordinator: Alyssa Forstmann
Art PA: Zoe Baxter, Elijah Beckner, Leah Khambata, Ruby Lanet, Pernell Langhorne, Ben Mendina
SPFX Coordinator: Michael Valenzuela
FX Foreman: Chip Mefford
FX Technician: Richard Valenzuela
Title Design: Tiffany Liang
Music Supervisor: Dylan Bostick
Visual Effects Artists: Sevan Najarian, Matthew Waukhonen, Austin Piko
Color: Christopher Ripley
Truck Drivers: Marc Kaplan, Harry Kemp
Key Grip: Marlon O'Brien, Andrew Robes, Anthony Christ, Sean Hunt
BBE: Ryan Johnson, Mohamed Samra
Swing Grip: Barrie Brown, Noah Sellman, Andrew McWilliams
PA: Josh Gordon, Genki Hall, Taylor Johnston, Brooke Kushwaha, Josh Palmer, Charlotte Rand

Production Company: Imposter
Executive Producer: Alex Brinkman, Avtar Khalsa
Head of Production: Alexis Celic